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Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI) is an international, non-governmental, non-profit innovation platform established in 2014. With offices in Beijing, Silicon Valley, London,  and Hong Kong, BICI is committed to building a global collaborative innovation system, transferring university fundamental scientific and technological achievements into real productive forces, and serving the sustainable development of mankind.

Focusing on the six key areas of medical devices, intelligent manufacturing, optoelectronics, materials, biomedicine, and environmental engineering, BICI has established collaborative laboratories and supported research groups with a number of prestigious universities at home and abroad to study cutting-edge technologies and lead future technological advances. At the same time, BICI has built internal laboratories and dedicated engineering and technical teams to jointly develop engineering technologies with universities to advance today’s industrial development.

Targeting major innovation and entrepreneurship regions worldwide, BICI propels technology commercialization and transforms the potential of technology into economic dynamism through technology-based JV creation and intellectual property assignment or licensing.

Jointly with universities at home and abroad, BICI adopts the "knowing and doing" model to train innovative and entrepreneurial graduate students. Students study academic courses at university, take innovation and entrepreneurship courses at BICI, and carry out practical training based on BICI’s real-world projects together with peers across universities and disciplines. Under this model, a unique effect has been created by cultivating talents in innovation and creating further innovation in talent cultivation. 

BICI established an Intellectual Property Fund to support scientific research, and a Transformation Fund to support commercialization, forming a capital chain covering the entire innovation lifecycle.

At present, BICI has established strong collaborative relationships with more than ten prestigious Chinese universities and around ten top international universities, with the in-depth involvement of a large number of world-class professors. Each year, approximately 50 world-class scientific research projects are launched, 30 technologies commercialized, 25 start-up companies formed, and close to 200 entrepreneurial students trained.

After several years’ development, BICI has become a communal innovation and entrepreneurial base for a number of world-renowned universities, an explorer of university reform in a new era, and a leader in innovation development.