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Tanovus closed tens of millions RMB Pre-A round financing from IDG Capital

Published: Mar-17-2023

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BICI spin-off company, Tanovus, has announced on March 17 that it has completed the Pre-A round financing of tens of millions Yuan exclusively invested by IDG Capital. Tanovus is a new energy battery anode material innovation company, the investment from IDG will help the company achieve mass production and realize commercial use. At the same time, Tanovus has also launched the A-round financing.

Tanovus was incubated from a new material research project at Stanford University. For many years, it has been focusing on the research and production of a new generation of high-end materials used in new energy batteries. Tanovus's original TANO3D patented technology can accurately synthesize new controllable three-dimensional micro-nano structure materials. As a platform technology, it can derive a variety of innovative products, including silicon carbon negative electrodes, sodium hard carbon negative electrodes and lithium fast charging hard carbon negative electrodes. It achieves high energy, high first efficiency, and high cycle, and can be synthesized using readily available bulk materials. The process is short, and it is easy to quickly realize large-scale mass production. It has significant performance and cost advantages in the field of new energy battery anode materials.

Under the background of policy-driven and market demand growth, the new energy industry has developed rapidly, especially electric vehicles and consumer electronics powered by lithium-ion batteries. However, the specific capacity of the traditional graphite negative electrode used in traditional lithium-ion batteries has reached the theoretical limit of 372mAh/g, which has been unable to meet the increasing needs of end consumers for long battery life and fast charging. At present, the silicon-carbon anode with extremely high energy density (theoretical specific capacity of pure silicon can reach 4200mAh/g) and first-time efficiency (85%+) is generally recognized as the next-generation new anode material after graphite, and it is expected to directly hit the performance bottleneck of graphite anode , to start explosive growth in the new energy market; however, the application of silicon-carbon anode materials still has normal pain points that are difficult to solve, such as high expansion, low cycle, and high cost. The industry still faces the challenges of cost reduction and large-scale mass production.

The new TANO3D patented technology of Tanovus can provide innovative solutions to the pain points encountered by current silicon-carbon anode materials. Compared with the industry limited by the existing material framework, it is difficult to break through in performance. Tanovus can realize the creation of three-dimensional micro-nano structure materials from the source, greatly improving the energy density and first effect, while ensuring better expansion rate and cycle stability. It also has cost advantages and can quickly realize large-scale mass production. At present, carbon good silicon carbon negative electrode products have been sent to many head battery manufacturers, and the progress is good.

In addition, based on the TANO3D patented technology, Tanovus has also precisely regulated from the source, and developed two innovative products, sodium hard carbon and lithium fast charging hard carbon, to build a solid moat. At the same time, Tanovus is developing a production line, which can be shared by various product series, and escorts the rapid mass production and commercialization of products.

Dr. Chen Shucheng, the founder of Tanovus, graduated from the Chemical Engineering Department of Stanford University and studied under the internationally renowned Professor Zhenan Bao. The projects researched by Dr. Chen Shucheng have achieved outstanding results in frontier basic research and subsequent commercializaton. He has published more than 40 professional papers and patents related to new applied materials, and the papers have been cited more than 5,500 times.  At present, Tanovus has established a frontier laboratory in Silicon Valley, and has established operation and experiment centers in Beijing and Ningbo to create a global production and research layout. 

Dr. Chen Shucheng, the founder of Tanovus, said, The innovation of silicon carbon technology has reached the breakthrough point of industrialization, and many companies in the United States have begun industrialization tests. The innovative technology of Tanovus is not a simple process transformation, we create new materials from the source. Our technology is simple, controllable and multi-adjustable, easy to scale up mass production. At the same time, we use large quantities of conventional raw materials, which are sufficient and cheap, and can help new energy battery companies reduce costs and increase efficiency. Upon receiving the investment from IDG capital, Tanovus will accelerate the layout of the pilot production line, from gram-level laboratory products to kilogram-level products, and then to mass production of ton-level products.