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Fostering Disruptive Innovation: Collaborative Innovation Forum 2023

Published: Nov-02-2023

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The Collaborative Innovation Forum 2023: Funding Disruptive Tech, co-organized by the HKU Collaborative Innovation Center (CIC) and the Techno-Entrepreneurship Core (TEC), successfully concluded on November 1, 2023. This significant gathering brought together over 50 participants, including delegates from the Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI) and members from HKU's research community. Themed around nurturing disruptive technologies, the event aimed at stimulating discussions and knowledge-sharing, fostering an environment of innovation and forward-thinking.


The event commenced on an inspiring note with welcome remarks delivered by Professor Alice Wong, co-director of HKU CIC, and Dr. Duoxiang Wang, Director of the Jingjinji National Center of Technology Innovation. Their words emphasized the importance of collaboration in translating scientific discoveries into world-changing innovations.


Dr. Xinjian Zhou, President of BICI, took the stage to deliver a captivating keynote presentation titled "Bridging Research to Impact: BICI Funding Models and Case Studies," engaging the audience with insights into the dos and don’ts in transforming exciting research outcomes into impactful products or solutions.


Subsequently, Mr. Pierre Wang, Assistant Director (Business Development) at HKU Technology Transfer Office, elaborated the HK$10 billion funding opportunities under the latest  Research, Academic and Industry Sectors One-plus Scheme (RAISe+) by the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC).


A pivotal moment occurred when Dr. Duoxiang Wang returned to elaborate on the topic of "National Disruptive Technology Innovation Organizational Model and Practice," sharing invaluable insights into this exciting funding opportunity that could ignite the next technological revolution.


The event concluded with a thought-provoking panel discussion, "Meet the Scientist CEOs," moderated by Mr. Paul Wang, Director of HKU TEC. The esteemed panelists, including Dr. Junqi Wang, Founder and CEO of ChromX Health; Ms. Li Li, Investment Director at BASF Venture Capital; Dr. Xinjian Zhou, President of BICI; and Professor Pengtao Liu from HKU School of Biomedical Sciences, provided diverse and enlightening perspectives. The discussion offered a comprehensive view of the entire journey, illuminating the challenges scientist-entrepreneurs faced and successfully overcame, leaving the audience with valuable insights into the process.


After the Forum, the HKU CIC and BICI team also conducted one-on-one meetings with the interested researchers to gain a deeper understanding of their research projects and provide guidance on funding opportunities and the next steps.


The HKU Collaborative Innovation Center will act as a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship, fostering collaboration between academia and industry to propel groundbreaking technological advancements. With an extensive network of visionary scholars, innovative entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, the Center is well-positioned to make a significant and enduring impact on the technology and innovation landscape at HKU and beyond.