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Automation Engineer – Tachin Technology (Beijing)

Job location: Beijing, China

Job Type: Full-time

To apply: send a copy of resume to

Job description
Established in 2020, Tachin Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., is an original high-tech enterprise focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of flexible tactile sensors (flexible electronic skin). 

The flexible tactile sensor is jointly developed by world's top materials, electronics and robotics laboratories led by leading experts at home and abroad. It has a portfolio of intellectual properties with high technical barriers and can potentially be used in fields such as robotics, metaverse, smart cockpits, medical health, and IoT.

The vision of Tachin is to provide highly anthropomorphic tactile sensory information to create a new digital era of diverse and intelligent connectivity.

Minimum qualifications:

  • Relevant professional background in control, computer or automation;
  • Strong software development skill and basic hardware development capability;
  • R&D experience in the field of robot control preferred;
  • Experience in electronic product design, testing, application or mass production preferred.
To apply: send a copy of resume to